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I must admit when we were getting married, we were undecided on whether to have a videographer. Our first thoughts were, we love photos but we'll never watch the video. How wrong we were! I can't quite remember how I discovered One take media, but on having a search for videographers I stumbled across them. They are fairly new to the wedding industry but I was impressed with what they had to offer.

In the end they created a fantastically edited video with a great short version to share with all our friends. Everything about it summed the day up and I am not sure how many times we have watched it... definitely into the hundreds now!

Anyway for this week's wedding wednesday I will let James tell you a bit more about One Take Media... and for any of my clients they are offering a fantastic discount. And the great news is the offer has no expiry date, so whenever you are getting hitched, if you book me you can take advantage of the fab offer.

Over to James...

Hello! Thanks for reading and considering wedding videography. A video, like your wedding photos, will last more than a lifetime. It will be watched and enjoyed by you and your family and friends for years. The best wedding videos are those that you can put on at any time, sit back, relax and enjoy in exactly the same way as your favourite Hollywood blockbuster. Below are a few tips to help you on your way to finding a wedding videographer that can provide you with that unique memory of your wedding day. I hope it helps!

Decide on the style you are after – Documentary or Cinematic

A documentary style (often referred to as reportage) will be a natural story of the day, generally without any special effects. A cinematic style involves the use of many effects such as music, transitions, slow motion and often provides a more convoluted film structure to enhance the storytelling. Inevitably this style is generally the most expensive as it involves much more time in post production.

For our videos we tend to have a mixture of both styles. The ceremony & speeches we shoot and edit in a documentary style, but all the other bits (opening titles, arrival of guests, reception dancing etc) are all edited in a more creative cinematic style.

Ask Your Friends

Try and get recommendations from you friends. If possible ask if you can watch their DVD! Also ask your photographer as they will have probably worked with numerous videographers and will be able to give you some suggestions depending on the style you are after and your budget.

Don’t go for ‘budget’ companies

Don't go for a company just because they're cheap. There are some out there who will charge just a couple of hundred pounds, but there is of course a reason for this, whether it is because they use very basic equipment, or due to the fact that they offer little in the way of post production.

If your budget is limited then I would suggest going for a better company, but just get the cheaper package option - for example go for a package that will just capture the ceremony

Go for a two camera package

A movie that cuts between different angles will always make for a more stimulating viewing experience.

Make sure they have a good audio set up

Good audio quality is essential for a wedding video. Most videographers will use a mix of both directional shotgun mics (used for background noise & messages from guests) and personal mics (used during the ceremony, & sometimes during speeches). Without a personal mic on you and the other key people speaking throughout the day, the audio quality is guaranteed to suffer.

One take media is run by myself, James and my partner Mark. We offer a very natural style of videography, with no staged shots and as little interference as possible. We think this is the best method of shooting, as it makes for an authentic finished movie. In order to enhance the viewing experience, we do put a lot of work into the post production of all our videos, with creative cinematic elements in the form of tasteful special effects, music and suitable transitions between scenes. Our ultimate aim is to create films that are emotional, authentic and above all extremely enjoyable to watch!

Julia & Ian Highlights from James Bishop on Vimeo.

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