Sunday, 22 May 2011

A very proud wife and an interview in "The Independent"

Ian gets to do all sorts of wonderful events and meet great people and a-list celebrities on a daily basis... not that I'm jealous. A short while ago "The Independent" ran an article on the unsung people behind the scenes at the Oscars and of all the photographers that are fortunate enough to be asked to attend, the decided to include Ian. As usual I am one very proud wife...

Baby nathan...

Just over a week ago I did a newborn shoot with the absolutely gorgeous baby Nathan (aged just 6 days!)

Congratulations Charlie and Lee!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Prince William and Catherines wedding - by my hubby Ian

Ian, was very privileged to be asked to photograph Prince William and Kate Middleton (now Catherine) meeting all the leading dignitaries on their wedding day, before their reception.

On April 29th 3.30am he left home to head into London (the roads in London closed at 5am) - he had to be at Buckingham Palace for 7am.

On the day he was very fortunate to be able to sit and watch the wedding unfold on a television in the palace - I however was watching it over brunch with our friends Jen and Laila! Sadly no assistants were allowed!

After the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's stunning wedding, and that balcony kiss they came down for their stunning reception where Ian was very lucky to be waiting to take official receiving line photographs.

He was the only photographer, invited to do so... so as you can imagine I am very proud.

Amusingly the Sun ran a pull out feature by "their photographer" Arthur Edwards. With a great double pages spread of the couple meeting the dignitaries. It didn't say that Arthur had taken the shots but neither did it say he hadn't, it certainly never mentioned that the images were taken by Ian!

Ian's agent sold the shot to the Sun to use without credit so they have done nothing wrong, so ultimately it is a huge compliment... clearly Ian and other photographers used in the supplement are clearly very talented, otherwise surely they would have just used their own photographers work