Sunday, 12 September 2010

Props for weddings and engagement shoots

On engagement shoots, and sometimes at weddings, it can be good to add props. Things that help frame the picture or tell a story. Decorations from your actual wedding can easily be used on the day.

Or they could be used at the engagement shoot before, this stunning wicker and bead heart makes the perfect picnic shoot prop.

Sweets, make great wedding favours as well as good props.

Bunting is very popular... I have a few different varieties!

If you have a special themed style engagement shoot, bespoke props make the shots. Emma and Rays cinema popcorn was great (they got engaged in a cinema and they're having a film themed wedding!)

I can never resist a vintage camera! (or taking photos over guest shoulders into their camera or turning round and capture guests taking shots)

I had parasols at my wedding and they are my favourite photos of me and my sisters so now I take them with me to shoots!

Flowergirls love the parasols!

Wedding umbrellas can be necessary, as they were at Sherna & Andrew's wedding but make for great shots

Ellie & Mark brought their gorgeous dog, Rupert along to their engagement photographs. Umbrellas were needed, but no other props are required!


  1. I LOVE props! They help couples to relax and have fun and they can make really individual photos too.

  2. I love props too! I think we're going to see more and more creative prop ideas.