Wednesday, 15 September 2010

OMG! Lovely words from Alexis at OMG IM GETTING MARRIED

I'm very proud to be a sponsor of the lovely Alexis at OMG IM GETTING MARRIED. She has lovely posts and the BEST logo! Today she wrote a little post about me and selected some of my work to share with her readers... and it was lovely. I am really touched

To see the whole blog get over to her site... but I had the share what she wrote:

OMG a massive thank you to the lovely lady behind Modern Photographic for being our newest sponsor! I had the pleasure of meeting Julia Ford at the Rockn’ Roll Bride party last month for a brief chat and am now delighted to introduce her as the newest OMG WE LOVE YOU sponsor!

Not only is Julia a fab wedding photographer with an international celebrity photographer for a husband who has shot the likes of Brad & Angelina (!!!!) but she is also an art director at Wedding Magazine! Talk about a double whammy of fabulousness and workload, I’m not sure how she manages to fit it all in. Needless to say, this means she knows her stuff about how to manage your big day. Julia’s experience in the wedding industry means she can not only see what makes a great photo, but can also really offer brides some good advice if they’re looking for some, which really makes a difference. You definitely want your photographer to make you feel comfortable and know what they’re talking about.

A bit more about what Modern Photographic offers: Julia and Ian have a variety of packages for brides and grooms to choose from, each with their own download gallery so that guests can print their favourites as well. The couple is given a high resolution CD to keep plus the option to combine their big day with an engagement or “love your dress” shoot too. They are also super flexible if you’re on a tighter budget and want just a few hours of coverage.

I’m really digging the combination of ethereal / contemporary style in these shots and can’t wait to see more. Make sure to check out the Modernphotographic website and blog for more!


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