Monday, 23 August 2010

Electric cinema engagement shoot with Emma and Ray

The second engagement shoot I did at the weekend took place at the Electric cinema in Birmingham. Emma & Ray are planning a movie inspired wedding, next year that we are shooting, and they got engaged at a cinema, so The Electric really was the perfect location!

The location wasn't pre-planned, but Emma and Ray had come up with the idea the day before so we turned up and just asked if it would be ok. Thankfully the lovely staff were more than happy to help, it was a fast paced shoot (as a film was starting a short while after we turned up) but we got some fun shots which they can incorporate into their wedding planning and finishing touches


  1. luurve the shoe shot at the end! Red works so well in these photos. xo

  2. Thanks I love that shot too. I requested the red shoes as I thought they would work well xx