Thursday, 29 April 2010

Why can't the UK have planners like this...

I'm in love, not just with my gorgeous hubby to be, but with Amorology Weddings.
Because I am art director at Wedding magazine (as well as a photographer), I am fortunate enough to see the cream of Weddings across the world. I could spend hours pouring over the unique and creative ideas that come from the US, particularly California and South Africa. 

A few issues I discovered a planner that has inspired me to think outside the box, and really appreciate every little detail. The very lovely Heather, and her team, create masterpieces that truly reflect her couples in the most fun way possible! 

Sadly there is no UK equivalent, yet, but I had to share their brilliance. With their permission I will give you a sneeky peek of some of their amazing ideas at some point in the future. 


  1. Julia,

    You have indeed discovered the BEST the US has to offer with Heather and Amorology Weddings!!! Her entire team is great. Along with her mom, Robin, of Twigg Botanicals, this dynamic duo is the TOPS!

    Amorology and Twigg Botanicals are simply MAGIC. Our daughter, Rebecca and new son, Jayant were married in October with Heather as their planner. She sprinkled fairy dust on an enchanting weekend that united two cultures, two faiths, two families, into a joyous celebration of love, that our guests are still talking about.

    Heather, Robin, and their teams will ALWAYS hold a very special place in our hearts!

    Susan and Charles Elder (Texas parents of a California bride)

  2. I agree! I'm such a fan of them. The team at Amorology is truly unbelievable and makes every special occasion magical. They do think outside of the box, and their attention to detail is unmatched!

  3. Totally Agree. I've featured Amorology before, and often turn to their site/blog for dream palette inspirations.


  4. Yep I'm pretty much always inspired by the fabulousness of Amorology (and I'm a UK based planner)!