Friday, 30 April 2010

The lovely Emily

Later this year I am getting married myself and the task of selecting a snapper for a wedding photographer marrying celebrity photographer could have been a daunting one.

Working at Wedding magazine I see hundreds of peoples work and I love lots of them. We have a LOT of photographer friends and the last thing I wanted to do was press gang a friend into taking them for us, especially when none of them specialise in weddings

I knew I wanted a female photographer, I just think they understand weddings and capture the details so well. There are still a lot of great female wedding photographers out there

Luckily for me the choice was obvious....

I met Emily Quinton when she came to visit me at the office a year or so ago. I instantly loved her portfolio, it was absolutely stunning and I jumped at the chance to publish her work. At the time she was based in Birmingham, so a few months later I saw her up at the Birmingham National Wedding Show where we chatted some more. A short while later she moved to London and set up a studio so when I got engaged I just knew I had to have her shoot my up coming wedding

Excitingly she has just proposed to her other half and is now going to be planning her own nuptials!!! Welcome to the world of wedding planning Emily!


  1. Thanks Julia!

    Can't wait to capture your special day and am excited about planning my own wedding :-) xx