Wednesday, 27 April 2011

WEDDING Cover shoot with Rock n Roll Bride

Last week WEDDING shot their latest set of covers for the rest of the year and next year. Catherine, the editor and myself art directed the shoot and Catherine invited Kat aka Rock n Roll Bride to blog about behind the scenes at the shoot... To capture it all I took a whole bunch of behind the scenes shots for Kat and thought I'd share a bit of the WEDDING magazine magic with you...

For every shoot we tend to shoot about 8 dresses on 4 different models but to achieve those results Claire Ridley, the fashion stylist sources hundreds* of dresses to pick from!
(* ok maybe nt hundreds but there were certainly a lot!!)

The uber talented Mary Jane Vaughan created some stunning bouquets and hairpieces for the shoot. This one on our model Ruth was my favourite... pink ribbon, lilly of the valley with pale pink ranunculus.

Kat captured some of her own photos on the shoot... I think the time it all takes is an eye opener- as Kat said on her blog
"The day was a long but awesome one. I had such fun hanging out with everyone and they really did make me feel like part of the family. I was honoured to have been asked by Catherine to attend, and I’m loving the fact that Wedding Magazine are realising the influence and power of wedding blogs and that they are keen to work closely with us. It’s a very exciting time in this industry of ours, and I’m over the flipping moon to be a part of it."

Kat tweeted all about the shoot and it was mad to see how quickly she got hundreds of replies!

Everyone seemed to love the styling and models!

Model Kirstie looked perfect with her plait... it might not look ground breaking but at WEDDING we were trying to move the styling forward to reflect trends whilst still appealing to lots of readers

The lovely Rose checks her emails whilst waiting for the next shot... Don't you just love iphones!

Rose is the first model we've used with very short hair which goes to show you dont have to have long hair to be a stunning bride.

Polly is actually getting married in June, we've photographed her before and she is on our cover in the next June July issue- which by coincidence is the same month she's getting married!

Kat decided she wanted to create alternative covers... The models had a great sense of humour

Trick of the trade... spot the tissue stuffed in the side of the dress to make it fit! Severin of Hepburn collection creating yet another stunning hairstyle. He was an absolute star, styling so many girls so quickly!

All in all we had a great day. The results were amazing - Look out for the cover girls over the next year or so! To read more of Kats behind the scenes blog- click here

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  1. The third last image reminds me of a sexy devil :) . Looking cute!