Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Welsh wedding PART ONE

Mel & Charlie's wedding is nothing short of Wedding DIY wonderfulness. LOTS of gorgeous details, made even better by the fact the bride made them all herself! She isn't really a WEDDING magazine devotee and tends to avoid the the net, so whilst she was inspired by felt bouquets (I blogged hers yesterday) someone showed her she then created the whole bright colour bursting wedding from herself.

Mel is an art teacher so I guess it comes naturally and to be honest the whole wedding reflected them both so well. Their home is full of colour and craft too!

Mel asked all the ladies to wear gloves. The vintage outfits were amazing, not surprising as one of the brides oldest friends is Laura founder of vintage and bridal store Fur Coat, No Knickers!!!

I dont want to sit there mum!

Two of her closet friends wowed guests in the church

The light in the church was amazing - I couldnt pick between colour or black & white

The sunlight was just stunning across the bay

Another of Mels amazing felt bouquets for her youngest bridesmaid Ffion, her stunning step daughter

Congratulations to the Wood family... more to come

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